Please read the following rules carefully.


  • The terms and rules below apply to all FootBroker users without distinction;
  • By using FootBroker you are automatically affirming your understanding and acceptance of the rules. If you do not accept or disagree with the rules, please do not use FootBroker.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Unless otherwise stated, all gameplay, rules, design and programming are unique to FootBroker;
  • All real players data (name, date of birth, current club, among others) are property of their respective owners. These data are contained in the game solely for the purpose of providing information to FootBroker users about the players;
  • FootBroker has no association nor represents any of the players or clubs included in the game;

Game rules

The FootBroker rules and its operation are found in the section How it Works and in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Restrictions and obligations

By using FootBroker you agree NOT TO:

  • cheat, attempt to circumvent, modify, adapt, translate or use FootBroker resources for other purposes;
  • create any software that modifies the correct functioning of FootBroker;
  • make commercial use of FootBroker without the consent of its creators;

Code of conduct

FootBroker reserves the right to ban or suspend accounts of users who attempt to infringe the rules of the game in order to gain advantages for themselves or for others. Some examples of reasons for these penalties:

  • Try to circumvent the system of buying and selling stocks;
  • Manipulate stock prices;
  • Use multiple accounts for a single person to gain benefits for themselves or others;
  • Use the site for other purposes not originally provided in the game;


  • FootBroker provides and maintains the site only for the personal enjoyment of its users;
  • FootBroker does not guarantee that the operation of the site will be totally uninterrupted or without errors of operation;

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