Here you will find general information about how the game works and its basic rules.

You can also use our FAQ for more detailed information regarding the stock market, dividends, losses, and the process of buying and selling player stocks in the game.

Have fun with football and stock market!

FootBroker is a combination of the words Football (or soccer) with Broker, someone that trades stocks in the market, a stockbroker. This translates well what is the idea behind ‚Äčthe game. In FootBroker you are not required to build a team with some fixed amount of players before the games as you see in many fantasy games. Here, the options and strategy are fully under your control.

FootBroker was born to unite those who like football/soccer with those who have a strategic vision of buying and selling stocks. FootBroker is a free online game that mixes the strategy of the Stock Market with the reality of the football. You can buy and sell stocks of real players at any time in the FootBroker Stock Market as you would do for companies in a real Stock Exchange.

Same way for to Stock Exchanges around the world, it is the market that determines the price variation of a particular player stock. For example, if a player stands out in the games and his shares are bought in the FootBroker Stock Market, the price of the player rises proportionally to the purchase demand. The same thing happens if the demand goes down. Therefore, it is important to have vision and understanding about the right time for buying a stock or sell it.

To start playing and have fun for free you need to create your account. After that, you will receive an initial quota to invest in players. Don't forget to keep up-to-date with game results, performances, injuries, and all events around the players. Always be ready to act.

For now, only players from MLS (Major League Soccer) are available on FootBroker. When a player leaves MLS for any reason (transfer to a new club outside MLS or retirement), their shareholders receive the number of their shares to invest in other players. The same may happen if a player is transferred to an MLS club so he will be added to the game.

After you create your account for free, you will receive a cash amount (fictitious, called FootCoin or F$) to buy shares of players. Depending on your strategy, you can buy shares of different players (to act on multiple fronts), invest everything in a single player (a bolder bet) or make a mix of these two options. Here are some possible situations purely as examples:

  • invest F$5.00 in John Smith, F$7.80 in Paul Brown, F$4.40 in Daniel Thompson, and so on, small and distributed values;
  • invest all money, F$100.00 in Rick Stones;
  • invest F$65.00 in Jimmy Richardson, F$3.50 in Greg Brown, F$8.15 in Wilson Goche, and so on;
  • invest a share in stocks and save some money for later investments.

It all depends on your vision of the world of football since you will buy stocks to make a profit in the future. To better understand how the FootBroker Stock Market works, visit the Market section. To summarize, the goal of the game is to buy well and sell better still.

FootBroker has mechanisms of control and punishment to prevent such attitudes that compromise the fairness of the game. Suspicions of fraud are analyzed and if so, the user is penalized up to their elimination from the game.

These include attitudes such as the creation of accounts of fictitious people, attempts to manipulate prices, attempts to access third-party accounts and use of third-party accounts.